Rain Delay:

All lawns are scheduled Monday – Friday. If there is rain during the week at all there is a possibility that your lawn could be pushed back from its normally scheduled cut day. All lawns will be finished no later than Sunday, and if there is any reason that we cannot complete your job for that week you will be notified.


Due to a large volume of invoices constantly being paid late, we are having to change our billing system completely across the board. We will no longer be able to accept checks. This new billing system is 100% online and all customers will need to put a credit / debit card on file, along with an e-mail address. This is a secure system, and we will charge your card for the services provided on the day it was provided. Unfortunately there will not be monthly invoicing. Landscaping will require a 50% deposit on jobs over $500. If there is a problem processing your credit / debit card, we will contact you within 1 business day and all services will be paused until the issue is resolved.


If we do not receive payment in full by the due date, we will have to temporarily pause services until the balance is paid in full. If the balance isn’t paid in full after one month of our office trying to contact you either by phone or letter, your account will be turned into collections and /or taken to small claims court immediately and you will be responsible for all legal fees.

Skipping Services:

If you choose to skip a scheduled service day, the office will need to be notified 48 hours in advance. If we show up and you do not want your lawn cut, a $30.00 minimum charge will be assessed to your account. The charge will help to cover labor, route disruption, and gasoline expenses.

Extra Services:

Any extra service (ex. dethatch, aeration, landscape, shrub trimming, leaf removal) requested will be invoiced at service completion. Extra services that cost $500 or more will require a 50% down payment before work can begin. Unfortunately, no extra services will be provided if your account is past due.

Canceling Services:

In order to cancel your services, please call our office or notify us in writing with at least 14 days notice. The office will call and confirm that we received your letter.

Customer Satisfaction:

The customer has the duty to inspect the property within two (2) days after work has been completed. Notice of reasonable dissatisfaction must be given to Cunningham Lawn Care within this time. Cunningham Lawn Care  will have three days to correct such work at no additional cost. Failure to notify Cunningham Lawn Care shall constitute a waiver of any claim against the dissatisfaction. Once a complaint comes in, it is addressed with the crew that was on your property and it is handled promptly. If there are any damages we will do our best to repair them appropriately.

Billing Disputes:

All disputes must be called into the office immediately following you receiving the invoice. If you fail to call the office, all invoices are expected to be paid by their appropriate due date. Please see collection section for what action is taken on past due accounts.