Spruce it up.

Do your garden beds needs a little extra love this year? Have you noticed that you do not have as many vibrant flowers popping up? You may need to consider what a fresh mulch could do for your yard!

At Cunningham Lawn Care, we can take care of mulching your garden beds so you can admire how great your garden looks this year without having to do any of the hard labor yourself.

With our landscaping services, we can refresh your existing mulch or lay down all new mulch if that is what you are looking for. Mulch is a great alternative to rock and wood, giving your soil more nutrition and holding moisture better than other synthetic choices.

The right choice.

We like to think of mulch as the icing on your yard. If you’re looking for a lasting way to top off your yard, mulch is a wonderful decision. Mulch can help control weeds throughout your garden as well as add texture and style to your landscape as a whole. You can never go wrong with adding mulch to your landscape.

Mulch is a simple way to benefit your garden, trees, and shrubs; mulch acts as both a barrier and a nutritious additive, so your plants will thank you for this decision. As valuable assets to your entire yard, our experts at Cunningham Lawn Care highly recommend considering what mulch could do for you.

Transform your yard with our lawn care services and landscaping pros. Call our landscape gardeners today for a free estimate on your bed munching today.