Summer has finished, and your lawn is probably tired and worn after a long summer. If you had us care for your lawn this summer, your lawn may be doing better than others. However, your lawn needs to be prepared for winter. The key to setting your lawn up for winter is to make sure it’s ready for spring, and we know how to do it right! In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about why you need our team to prepare your lawn for winter!


  • Sun, rain, and traffic during summer packs the dirt of your lawn down. You need to open up air channels in
    the soil every two years to keep the grass from getting smothered. This can be a time-consuming job if you do it yourself. The good news is, we can do it for you. We have the tools and the time to make sure your lawn is prepared!


  • In order to get through the winter and come back strong in spring, your grass needs to be fertilized. We’ll make sure your grass gets the correct fertilizer. We can also put down grass seed to address bald or thinning spots. As a result, your grass will have what it needs to survive the winter and look better than ever when spring rolls around.


  • We’re not talking about raking up leaves – we’re talking about raking the grass itself. Sometimes, moss builds up in the grass. We can lay down herbicide to kill the moss and then rake it out with metal rakes. Whether you have moss in your grass or not, raking will improve the health of your grass and enhance its appearance.

Even though people ignore their lawns in fall, it’s actually a key time. Let us make sure your lawn gets the crucial lawn maintenance it needs this fall!