Summer is the time to enjoy your lawn, not worry about it. If you’re getting persistent yellow in what should be emerald lawn, something is up and we are here to help. There are many different things that attack grass, and the good news is, if you catch them soon enough, they can be remedied before you have to pay for new sod.

In our last blog, we discussed dog urine and insects and the impacts they can have on your lawn. Today, we have two last lawn enemies and their solutions to discuss.


Each type of grass has an optimal length. When you cut it too short, it never has a chance to develop and retain its color. It will be weak, unable to take in moisture, and it will struggle to survive in dirt that is too exposed to the harsh sun. When you work with Cunningham Lawn Care, this will never be an issue.


Grass is a living thing, and is therefore vulnerable to infections. If your grass isn’t responding to water, it may have something deeper going on. The grass could have fungus, plant diseases, or infection from pollution. A professional lawn care will be able to identify what is going on and fix it.

We understand that your life is hectic and busy, and that is why we offer complete lawn service to both residential and commercial properties. Contact us in Conway, Arkansas, today! We look forward to meeting your lawn and landscaping needs.