As we move into June, the fresh green of spring will fade, and the true test of your lawn begins: can it survive the heat of the summer? Can you give it what it needs?

If you are finding that your lawn just turns more and more yellow, it’s time to look into troubleshooting. Grass is a hardy plant that can take a lot of abuse, but it isn’t invincible. In our last blog, we discussed how iron deficiency and high temperatures can hurt vulnerable grass. Today, we want to share two more reasons why your lawn might struggle this summer.


Keeping the weeds out of your lawn is a pain, and herbicides exist to help get rid of the pests while keeping your grass healthy. A good herbicide will turn your lawn yellow for a little short while and then the green will come back without the weeds. However, if your lawn doesn’t green up again, it means you used the wrong product and your lawn is damaged. You will want to call us over for a consultation.


Even if it doesn’t get very hot, if things are dry, your lawn will suffer. The dry air sucks moisture from the grass, which will rapidly turn yellow. The only solution to this issue is to water more often so that the grass roots have a source of moisture when the dry air is sucking them dry.

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