Warm weather has officially arrived, and it’s your lawn’s time to shine! Unfortunately, your lawn has a significant number of enemies that crop up during warm weather. As the fresh green of spring fades, you want to see the tough green of summer. However, if all you’re seeing is yellow, something is up. We are going to use the next few blogs to share the most common issues that turn emerald lawns to yellow lawns.


When grass doesn’t get enough iron, it begins to suffer, and you will see that yellow color crop up. You will see the veins of the grass stay green while the blades turn yellow. It is common near concrete buildings or in areas where the soil is alkaline. It’s easy enough to remedy: call us and we’ll put down an iron supplement to get your lawn back on track!


This one probably seems obvious, but it’s a significant issue. Many people underestimate just how great a toll high temperatures can take on their lawns. Everything dries out faster, and it can seem like your lawn never has enough water. This issue is especially common in lawns with shallow roots. Your only options are to water it more often when it’s hot and back off drastically as it cools down, which will force the grass to put roots down deeper.

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