Whether you know it or not, your lawn and yard play an integral role in your everyday life. Even if you glance at them as you pull in and out of the driveway, they are still representing you and your home to the world. A beautiful lawn can make a person feel calm and organized, while an unhealthy lawn drags the property and its owner down.

When life goes crazy, a lawn service can bring great relief. However, not all yard care companies are created equal. As one of Arkansas’s premier lawn services, we know what it takes to be the best. In our next three blogs, we are going to share the main characteristics you should check on before committing to a company.

  1. License and insurance
    • This is a must for any company you hire. The company absolutely must be experienced and established enough to have earned a license. They must also be able to cover any injuries their workers sustain on your property, as well as damages done to your property during work. A company without these two characteristics is not professional and puts you in a very vulnerable position.
  2. Customer service
    • A company that has the professionalism and coherence to do a great job on your property will be easily accessible and friendly. They will be reachable through modern methods like email and social media. They will have billing software. Don’t give your hard-earned cash to a company that is anything less.

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