What Do Lawn Care Companies Do in the Winter?

The fact that the weather outside may be frightful doesn’t mean that lawn care is not happening. Several services continue to provide different types of lawn care and landscaping all year long. What can you expect from these winter landscaping services? Here are some examples to keep in mind.


Getting Rid of Fallen Leaves and Pine Straw

If you have pine, pecan, elm, oak, or other types of trees on the property, you will have leaves and pine straw that begins to fall in the autumn and continue to do so into the winter. Keeping up with them can be quite a chore. One way to avoid spending your weekends raking and bagging leaves and pine straw are to hire a service that can take care of the leaf removal Conway Arkansas for you.

Just as the lawn care service comes around every week or two weeks to mow the lawn, they can now send someone out to check the grounds on a set schedule. The nice thing is that they can gather all of the fallen leaves and haul them away from the property. Rest assured, they will dispose of them in an environmentally safe manner.


Clearing out Unwanted Shrubs or Trees

Along with setting up a schedule for leaf removal in Conway Arkansas, consider the colder months a great time to get rid of landscape elements you no longer want. This could be trees and shrubs that are dying or no longer to your taste. Professionals from the landscape company can remove any types of plants that you no longer want around. That will make it all the easier to start thinking about how you want to rework the landscaping once the weather is warmer.

In the meantime, you get to enjoy grounds that are no longer marred by elements you don’t like. The open space will likely be more appealing or at least make it easier to visualize what you want to install when the time comes.

And Planting Bulbs That Will Bloom in the Spring

Did you know that some flower bulbs should be planted during the autumn and remain in the ground during the winter months? Sometimes referred to as hardy bulbs, options like crocus, tulips, hyacinths, and allium are possibilities. Since the spacing and depth will need to be exact, it helps to have a professional landscaper help with the placement and planting.

See this as one way to get a jump on springtime gardening. As the bubs begin to flower once winter is over, you’ll have a better idea of what sort of other elements should be in each of your flower beds.


Preparing Flower Beds and Islands for Cold Weather

While cleaning out the beds and islands is a good idea, you do want the spaces to look tended and attractive. This is where proper preparation will make a difference. Augment any evergreen elements found within those spaces with some type of ground cover. The cover helps to protect the bulbs as well as give the beds an intentionally finished look.

What sort of ground cover can you use? If you do have long-needle pines on the property, consider gathering the fallen straw and using it as cover for your flower beds and islands instead of having it hauled away. Shredded wood has a nice look and also serves as a mulch that helps to nourish the soil. You can also consider using wood chips to provide a nice look for the mostly empty beds and islands.

If you’re not sure what to use, a landscaper can make recommendations based on the general look of the property and what would seem to naturally fit in. It may turn out that pine straw has the look that you want, or that wood chips are perfect for setting off the color scheme and style of the home.

Lawn Aeration

Aerating the lawn is a simple process that helps to reduce the amount of compaction the soil experiences. It’s key to ensuring that the soil can absorb moisture and nutrients more efficiently. This is something you still want to happen during cold weather.

A lawn care company that offers all sorts of lawn care off-season can take care of this task. Usually, it should be done by late autumn, but unseasonably warm weather during the winter may mean you can have the lawn aerated even if the New Year is fast approaching. See the aeration as one more way to invest in what you want to do with the grounds once the winter yields to spring.


Cleaning Up After High Winds

Although indeed, hurricane season is over by the time winter arrives, there’s still the potential for tornadoes to develop. That can mean quite a few limbs and possibly branches falling during some kind of storm. If so, the property will be littered from one end to the other. Getting help with the cleanup is a smart move for any property owner.

A lawn care service can help with this type of situation. In the cases of larger pieces of debris, the professional can chop them into more manageable sections. It may be possible to haul a wood chipper to the property and reduce all of the fallen branches and limbs to chips that you can use around the flower beds and other areas. In any event, a professional can make sure that the grounds look neat and tidy again in no time.

Pressure Washing Decks and Awnings

Cooler months are a great time to do some cleaning around the home’s exterior. If you have awnings on the windows and over the exterior doors, having a professional clean them is a smart move. There’s also the matter of pressure washing decks, driveways, and other outdoor surfaces.

The goal is to remove the grime that’s built up during the rest of the year. A good time to call the lawn care service and request pressure washing are after the leaves have fallen and any sap from the trees is no longer running. This will generally be in late autumn when the air is crisp, but before there’s any chance of snow in the forecast.


Holiday Landscape Decoration

Who doesn’t get a kick out of seeing a property decorated for the end of the year holidays? Between stringing lights, placing larger elements near the home, and adding touches along a driveway, the process of decorating can become involved. It can also take quite a bit of time. What if there was someone who could take the plans and handle the decorating for you?

There are winter landscaping services that offer this type of support. A professional can visit your home and take a look at the decorations that you want to use. From there, it’s easy to map out a plan for the landscape and ensure everything is placed to your satisfaction. All you have to do is provide the permission and then go about your usual routine. In some cases, you’ll get home from work one evening and find that the decorating is all done.

Chop and Stack Firewood

Remember those trees that you want to remove from the property? While they may no longer be part of the plan for the landscape, they could still serve a purpose. That’s true if you have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove. Even if you have a fire pit in the backyard that you like to use in autumn and on warmer winter evenings, those trees can become the firewood that you’ll need.

As off-season work for landscapers, chopping unwanted trees into firewood is one of the more common services. Call a professional and find out if the wood can be used for the purpose that you have in mind. If so, it will be easy enough to chop it into usable pieces, get rid of whatever can’t be used, and stack the remainder in the garage, storeroom, or even a covered area along the back of the house. When and as you need firewood, it will be easy to collect what you need and enjoy the fire.

Devote Time to Landscape Consulting

Another service that lawn care companies often offer during the colder months is consulting services. See this as a time when you can make plans for some major changes to the grounds once the weather is warmer. It’s easy enough for a professional to walk around the property with you, identify what will stay, what will go, and come up with a list of what will be added to the landscaping.

The nice thing about this approach is that there’s no rush. You can meet with a professional and provide the basics of what you have in mind. After collecting the data, the pro can spend some time developing storyboards that provide a visual idea of what the new design would look like. If you find it’s in line with what you want, authorize the specialist to begin gathering the necessary resources. This will make it possible to make the changes early in the new year and ensure that everything is in place before it’s time to resume the usual monthly lawn care schedule.

You can bet that the better winter landscaping services don’t spend the colder months with a lack of work. There are still plenty of tasks they can perform on behalf of their clients. Call Cunningham Lawn Care, LLC at (501)-205-1435 today and find out what sort of work they can do for you. There may be a few things that need attention right this minute.