January can be a slow month for those of us who love to get outside and dig in the dirt, but as we’ve discussed in our last few blogs, you can invest in the future of your yard even in the depths of winter. Your yard will need rich soil to continue to improve when the weather gets warmer, and composting is the perfect way to obtain lovely, nutrient-rich soil. It’s also the way you can make 2017 a green year for your household!

Composting is really easy. The key is to find the setup that fits your property, habits, and needs. In our last blog, we discussed the advantages of pit composting as well as using a three-step system. Today, we have two more composting methods for you to consider.


  • Piling is exactly what it sounds like: a heap of compostable materials. It is one of the cheapest forms of composting, because the only thing you need is some space and a pitchfork for occasionally turning it. Because the pile is so accessible, turning it is easy. Make sure you don’t let the pile get over five feet tall. Otherwise, they start to collapse on themselves. When that happens, you lose important air pockets that speed the composting process.
  • Piling is a great method for open landscapes and isn’t so wonderful in urban settings. Piles tend to look big and messy, which isn’t great for a small yard. The only way a pile works in tight spaces is if you can construct a landscape to hide it.


  • A tumbler is pretty much the exactly opposite of piling. Where piles are free to grow, tumblers feature limited volume. Where piles are open to the air, tumblers are closed plastic drums with turning mechanisms. Now, the mechanism makes turning your compose a breeze – you simply move a lever! Tumblers also look neat and contained, which makes them optimal for urban locations.
  • If you decide to use a tumbler, make sure you add some dirt to it. Otherwise, it will lack essential bacteria. Also keep in mind that it can be rather difficult to harvest the compost from a drum.

Whether you decide to compost in 2017 or not, you should make sure you get Cunningham Lawn Care to manage your yard. Make this the best year ever for your yard with our help!