Winter is a great time to make sure your yard has a phenomenal summer. One of the most effective ways to do this is composting. If you compost steadily, you’ll have a supply of nutrient-rich soil for new plantings come spring. When you compost, you simply speed nature up. Instead of tossing food waste into a trash bag that will lessen its chances of ever returning to the soil, you get the waste into the soil right away and make it work for you. That means, whenever you buy groceries, you aren’t just buying food – you’re investing in the future health of your yard!

There are many different ways to make composting work for you. In our last blog, we discussed vermicomposting and using a closed bin. Today, we have two more options that may work for you!


  • Simply dig a hole or trench, bury your waste, and forget about it for six months to a year. Bacteria and worms will break the waste down into lovely, rich soil. Keep in mind that harvesting this compost can leave an awkward hole. It’s better to enrich an area you already plan to garden. That way, you simply wait for the soil to get rich and then plant into it.


  • If you want compost to disperse around your yard, it may be time to get the Cadillac of compost systems. A three-bin compost system allows you to do both hot and cold composting. Not only that, it’s to easily turn the compost, and you can harvest without hassle.
  • Use wood or wire fencing to create three large open-air compartments. Keeping the design simple and sturdy will prevent your passion for compost from becoming an eyesore.  The first bin will be a place for fresh waste to start composting. The second bin will speed up the process. The third bin will finish composting and will be where you get your harvest.

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