As temperatures fall, our yards go to sleep, and it can seem like there isn’t much for a green thumb to do. This isn’t the case! There are things you can do to help your yard even in the dead of winter. In the next two blogs, we are going to touch on one of the easiest, most beneficial things you can do for your garden year-round: composting!

Composting is a method for returning expired organic material to the soil, where it enriches the soil with nutrients. Nature does this already, but you can speed the process up using several different composting methods. Depending on your budget, property, and goals, one method may work better for you than others. Read on for some great options to consider!


  • Instead of leaving decomposition up to bacteria, you can speed up the process with worms. The resulting efficiency means you can compost in small areas, which makes this type of composting great for apartments. Simply get an opaque container, a bunch of red wigglers, and fill it with moistened food waste. We recommend you put fresh waste in one side of the bin. That way, the worms will process their way across the container toward the new material, leaving rich dirt behind.
  • Some people put bins under their sinks. Others put them in the basement or attached garage. Wherever you put your bin, make sure you cover all food scraps to avoid infestations of fruit flies.


  • Bins are like domes. They settle over a pile of compost and increase rate of decomposition. Their compact size makes them optimal for suburban areas. In order to harvest from a bin, simply lift it up. Move the yet-to-compose matter aside and harvest the rich soil underneath. A bin can only hold so much, so make sure you get one that can handle your household’s waste volume.

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