Have you read our last blog? We are exploring signs that your business needs a professional lawn service. Today, we are finishing up with two more signs that it’s time to take the plunge.


In today’s blog, we wanted to re-emphasize the importance of customers in your decisions. We know this can’t be a new concept – if you are running a business, you’re working to meet your customer’s needs anyway. Your grounds should look good enough that customers feel drawn into your business. Your customers shouldn’t have to work to get up to the front door. They shouldn’t be making comments about your grounds unless they are complimenting them. If you ever hear a customer mention your grounds look bad in some way, you need to fix the issue immediately.


Maybe you took care of the grounds at first … and then things got busy, so you put an employee in charge. But now things are so busy, the grounds aren’t being cared for, and when they are, the company work isn’t getting done. It’s time to hire a lawn care company.

When we explain the situation like above, it seems really cut and dried. However, it can be a harmful limbo. If you get stuck between hiring a company and saving money, your business and your grounds will suffer. Read the signs and contact Cunningham Lawn Care for commercial lawn service. You will enjoy the benefits for years to come!